Analogue/Digital, hand-bound photobook and wall print, 2018.
Using new and old methods of creating indexical imagery, Analogue/Digital is an exploration of contemporary practice. As a present-day film photographer, the digital is crucial in being able to bring my photographs out from the original negative. Though even more ambiguous than film photography, digital photographic technologies such as scanning are still as indexical except they are formulated by codes and pixels and presented on screens instead of paper.​​​​​​​
The Analogue/Digital photobook contains a series of images which have been churned through multiple new and old processes; things have been stamped, scanned, photoshopped, printed as transparencies, chemically printed on paper through cyanotype, scanned again and finally printed by digital inkjet. The wall print is a composite of digital photographs of physical boards. These boards are material arrangements of most of the work-product created during my investigations of the index; rubbings, stampings, photo prints of scans, inverted black and white acetate prints, and so on.