Forms to Formalism, negative film slides projected onto an Inkjet print, 2016.
Featured in VERTIGO MAGAZINE: Volume 3 Body, August 2020.
Forms to Formalism is a durational work which explores the perception of forms in representational sources, and the eventual erasure of the representational source.​​​​​​​
The final work is a live demonstration of the process of perceiving shapes, extracting the shapes, then recontextualising these shapes. Shapes are projected onto the image of a nude woman. The body is broken down into a cluster of shapes which only still represent the body because of the recent witnessing of this process of extracting the shapes. The seven perceived shapes shift into their own compositions, ending in a final composition which no longer represents the body the shapes were extracted from. The original representational source becomes irrelevant, and the work becomes about the very act of perception.